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What We Do?

About Us

Adami Global Pte Ltd is a specialist supplier of medical PPE across the Asia Pacific, our focus has been working with private enterprise to ensure business continuity through the strength of our superior supply chain partners. 

Adami Global Pte Ltd is strategically located in Singapore to capitalise on the proximity to major manufacturing centres, shipping lanes and regional logistics hubs across South-east Asia. 

What We Do?

Through our supply chain partners we are able to supply Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Antigen Test kits for large corporations and businesses that require specific workforce solutions for the prevention and management of Covid-19.

Our goal
Chart & Stethoscope

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide customised, outcome led solutions for our customers that complement their own internal processes and procedures to strengthen their response to effectively manage health and safety threats. 

Understanding the impact staff shortages can have on large scale manufacturing businesses we focus on forward planning strategies to ensure the preparedness and availability of products and services that assist to maintain uptime, crucial to the proper functioning of our customers business.

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